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Packaged in 99% plastic-free packaging:
Glass, Aluminium, Plant-based.


Soft Summer Skin

We absolutely love the way our scrubs prepare your skin for those beach days.

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Spring Sea


With our beautiful, eco-luxe (biodegradable, plant-based labels, glass, aluminium and tin) packaging across all BUFF products AND our monthly donation to support
Surfers Against Sewage.

Buff Pamper Gift Box


Pamper Gift Boxes in 3 combos, Hand Washes with reuseable metal pumps and refill bottles, 200g Bath Soaks and 250ml Massage Oils. ALL across our six Wellbeing Aromatherapy Blends


100% natural body care products and candles in six wellbeing blends inspired by the raw power of sea and plants.

We lead by example and live by our beliefs. Created a stone’s throw from the raw beauty of the Southwest UK coastline, BUFF has a deep love and respect for the oceans and our natural habitat.


BUFF Bath Time Gift Box

100% Natural Care for Skin & Soul.
Made with Integrity. Because feeling good begins within.

Made from the highest quality, pure essential oils and all-natural, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and palm-free, eco-friendly ingredients. Packaged in jars and bottles that are 100% recyclable and 99% – 100% plastic-free.



We have an intuitive and well-honed understanding of how aromatherapy affects our physical, emotional and sensual selves.

BUFF’s six wellbeing blends have been carefully created to support you in all your daily rituals.


By Wellbeing Blend:

BUFF Natural Body Care Products-UP
BUFF Natural Body Care Products-Body
BUFF Natural Body Care Products-NUIT
BUFF Natural Body Care Products-NAKED
BUFF Natural Body Care Products-MAMA
Buff BE Blend


Hot off the Press

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Psychologies Real Eco Awards

Editor’s Choice for BUFF UP Sea Salt Body Scrub September 2020 Panelist ‘I adored everything about this product’.

Janey Loves Platinum Awards

Janey Loves Platinum Awards

Janey Loves Platinum Awards 2016 Runner Up:
BUFF BODY Sea Salt Body Scrub.

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards

Beauty Shortlist Mama & Baby Awards – Shortlisted 2017 MAMA Natal Blend Body Oil.

BUFF Pamper Gift Box Combos  ..

UP Body Scrub
Naked Body Oil
Buff Body Bathe Salt
Buff Natural Body Care Plastic Free
100% Natural
100% Natural
100% Natural
100% Natural
100% Natural