Essential Oil Blends

For Wellbeing

Our Collection of Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Blends

Buff is a sensory collection sensory collection of essential oil blends that stimulates the body and mind in unison for overall wellbeing. Each pure blend forms part of an essential everyday ritual: from waking up, to exercising, sleep, nurture and seduction and just being, we’ve created six scents that celebrate and enhance each moment of our everyday. 

Of course, each hand-made blend can live outside of its ritual. But in a world of over-complication, confusion and endless choice, we want to help simplify and focus on the essential things in life with 100% natural care for skin and soul that restores the balance in our day.

Choose one of our Sumptuous Essential Oil Blends

BUFF Natural Body Care - UP
Buff Natural Body Care - Body
Buff Natural Body Care - Nuit
Buff Natural Body Care - Naked
Buff Natural Body Care - Mama
Essential Oil Blends