BUFF’s Ethics

Made with integrity

By hand in small batches

Natural and vegan friendly

Cruelty free

In 99%  – 100% plastic free,  recyclable packaging

Eco Friendly

Be ECO Friendly

We cannot help but be eco friendly. Created a stone’s throw from the raw beauty of the Southwest coastline and sea means Buff has a deep love and respect for the oceans and our natural habitat. In fact, Buff began life as a pledge to find a solution to the over-use of plastic within the beauty industry.

We want to lead by example and seek solutions rather than pointing to problems: by creating a deeply luxurious and truly ethical range that always puts people and the planet before profits.

We have a simple but deep-rooted passion and purpose: to celebrate the raw power of nature to nourish us – using salt from our precious seas and oils from plants – and to demonstrate that a zero-waste beauty brand can have beautiful consequences.

Latest Update

At Buff, we like to be transparent and honest about everything we do – especially when it comes to our plastic promise.

We caught up with our supplier recently and he told us he has stopped producing our lids with cardboard inserts as he insists there is just no demand (we disagree but couldn’t persuade him otherwise!). SO as a small owner-run business with only a certain amount of power to wield, we have had to make the difficult decision to accept an EPE plastic liner. This lowers our 99% plastic-free promise but we are happy to say that EPE can be recycled in household waste. It’s also better for our products as it lengthens their shelf life, so we are trying to look on the bright side.

One positive bit of plastic-free news is that we haven’t bought any polypropylene labels since 2018. We are using biodegradable Natureflex ones for our handwashes and we will phase this in across our whole range as we finish off our old labels… during the transition we are using paper labels that may not wear quite as well in the bathroom but they are much kinder on the planet – we hope you’ll bear with us while we make this move.’

Be Eco Friendly! Refill ~ Reuse ~ Recycle

Our products are packaged 99% Plastic Free & 100% Recyclable


We work tirelessly to do the very best we can with our packaging. At the moment it’s 99% plastic-free and 100% recyclable. That’s because the natural oils in our products do not react well with paper labels, so in some of our products, we use polypropylene ones which can easily be peeled off and recycled.

We are always looking for new and surprising solutions so won’t rest until we can say we have zero plastic in our process.

We have stayed true to our word and all new products created since 2018 are 100% plastic free.



We know that the only way to bring about real change for a protected planet is to live by what we believe. Buff believes in the beauty of plastic-free plant power, so we actively support and partner with like-minded charities like the Marine Conservation Society and Surfers Against Sewage because we know that by working together, united, we can repair and help our planet to thrive once more..

‘Without the support from organisations such as Buff Natural Body Care, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the many great things we have to date as well as continuing to fight for cleaner, healthier seas.’

Katharine Sharp – Corporate Partnerships Manager – MCSUK

‘Thanks so much for continuing your support through the 250 Club.’

Jacey Russell, Fundraising & Finance Assistant – Surfers Against Sewage

Beauty Without Plastic

BUFF has recently begun their Blog, Beauty Without Plastic, where we share ideas, reviews and blogs on Plastic Free (99% free) Beauty and Daily Care products.

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