BUFF’s Ethics & Pledge to Marine Conservation ……. Be Plastic Free …….

Living close to a beautiful coastline, our great love of and respect for the sea is incredibly important to us at BUFF.  In fact, our little company began back to front, ensuring that we consciously sourced our plastic free packaging before creating our much loved products themselves!

Everything we do at BUFF is informed by our transparent ethical policy – to ensure the least adverse impact on our planet and the minimisation of our carbon footprint.

Our products are packaged 99% - 100 % Plastic Free:

• We use glass jars and bottles
• Our amber jars & 30% recycled aluminium lids & caps are British made.
• Our lids contain cardboard inserts
• Our Body Products use an easy peel polypropylene label which can be put in your plastic recycling (a 'Conscious Compromise' after 14 months of thorough research we concluded this better than vinyl, varnished or plastic coated paper labels that couldn’t be recycled. We continue to search for biodegradable oil/water proof label solutions). 
• We use uncoated paper (fully biodegradable) labels for our candles
• Online retail orders are posted in 100 % Non plastic packaging
• We negotiate with our suppliers to ensure the resources we use arrive in as little plastic as possible.
• All plastic packaging we receive is reused as packaging for wholesale orders and we request that our customers do the same (so it never ends up in landfill).

REFILL . REUSE . RECYCLE……. Be Plastic Free …….

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Once your product is used up, you still have the gift of the beautiful smoked glass lidded jars & bottles that can be reused for something else that’s special.

If you are a local customer and wish to purchase more product and refill your jar/bottle please contact us.

CHARITY……. Give …….

We are proud to continue our support for two Charities in their amazing work to effectively campaign for the banning of Single Use Plastics within the UK: 

We donate 2% of our sales profits from BUFF Body Care Products, where stated on label, to the Marine Conservation Society  and are members of the Surfers Against Sewage 250 Club and give them a monthly donation.
‘Without the support from organisations such as Buff Natural Body Care, it wouldn’t be possible to achieve the many great things we have to date as well as continuing to fight for cleaner, healthier seas.’
Katharine Sharp - Corporate Partnerships Manager - MCSUK

'Hi Joanna,
Thanks so much for continuing your support through the 250 Club.'
Kind regards,
Jacey Russell, Fundraising & Finance Assistant - Surfers Against Sewage

BEAUTY WITHOUT PLASTIC……. Be Ethically Beautiful …….

BUFF has recently begun their Blog Beauty Without Plastic Blog where we share ideas, reviews and blogs on Plastic Free (99% free) Beauty and Daily Care products.
We’d love you to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and  contribute if you create a product  or know of any product you’d like to share.


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Please email us at [email protected] for further info and help us to make our planet a better place :-)