BUFF Founder Jo Woolvett

Growing up on a smallholding in the Dart Valley, with family knowledge of herbal medicine, and the sea and the South West coastline never far from reach, it was only a matter of time before BUFF was born.

But it was when life was at its busiest – juggling single motherhood,  after teaching in London and becoming a massage therapy practitioner and Aromatherapist – that it actually became a reality. BUFF founder, Jo, is proof that there is never a perfect time to follow a dream, but if you trust yourself and have a clear belief in what you are doing, it can lead to even bigger adventures.

It was originally training as a classical singer that made Jo truly appreciate that our bodies need to be treated properly, from the inside out. And even then, it took a bigger concern over plastic pollution to get her to realise her dream:

To create an all natural, all luxurious aromatherapy range that is 99 – 100 % plastic-free.