How to find the Ultimate Women’s Wellbeing Retreat

It’s Friday morning and I feel distinctly like Bridget Jones. My young daughter and I are attempting to leave the house, armed with paraphernalia for a weekend at her Dad’s, my weekend bag, work gear, BUFF postal orders and more … Ready to hit the school run & then dash to work. There is little that’s tranquil for me this morning; I am just not feeling ‘it’.

I am already very grateful that at 6pm I will be joining Sandra Watson, Wellbeing Guru and passionate beach lover, like myself, at a fabulous location beside Challaborough Beach, South Devon, for her Heart and Sole Wellness Retreat Weekend.

I and four other lucky individuals are hoping to recharge, and pick up some great tips for improving our overall self care routine. As Sharon of Devon Muddy Stilettoes says; ‘Re-energise, refocus, reinvent; basically anything that starts with ‘re’ is good news in the world of retreats.’ And it’s beside the beach. I am up for the lot.

Much later I arrive at a chilly but beautiful Challaborough, South Devon Coast, at sun down, to the warm welcome of Sandra and other participants. I am shown into a stunning, contemporary build with oodles of space and light.

What I am about to discover, is that spending time with Sandra’s unobtrusive and quietly confident guidance, is like being given the key to the most incredible secret or receiving the most amazing gift; a digest in the very best of the best in self-care.

The Ultimate Women's Wellbeing Retreat

Sandra uses her 20 experience as a fitness expert, NLP Practitioner, comprehensive knowledge of nutrition, natural remedies, juicing and passion for mindfulness and meditation to expertly create a wonderful weekend of nurturing and empowerment for women with nourishing, but super delicious cookery and treats, gentle exercises for our bodies and minds, mindfulness, guided meditation and much inspiration. Sandra is also an incredible mum to four.

After a first evening of stunning, innovative vegan food & treats, that is surely far too tasty to be this healthy, mindfulness exercises, thought provoking questions, guided mediation, a lavender footbath whilst watching a film about the amazing power of our thoughts, followed by a peaceful night’s sleep in my beautiful bedroom, I have to pinch myself the next morning to check it is all for real.

The following morning begins with organic juice shots, gentle yoga stretches and a guided meditation, followed by a brisk walk on the beach, to arrive back and eat the most original delicious and thoroughly nourishing breakfast.

All the while with Sandra prompting us to consider where we are at in our lives in a gentle unobtrusive way, whilst subtly drip feeding us a toolkit for self care from the best in mindfulness, NLP, practicing gratitude, positive thoughts & affirmations, suggested reading & inspiring individuals, music for positivity through to nutrition, yoga and responsibly, but joyfully taking care of all of us.

I also enjoy sharing walks on the beach and beginning the process of dreaming our futures with a Vision Board. It feels incredible to not only be feeling gently empowered and inspired, but to watch others unfolding.

48 hours on from Friday morning and I am experiencing a deep gratitude to Sandra for her generosity and the lovely experience I have shared with her and the other four participants. Happiness, tranquility, optimism and an unfamiliar sense of balance and overall wellbeing are mine.

There’s definitely no trace of Bridget Jones left in my wind blown, sea salty hair… I am fully up for engaging in life and learning to love and take care of myself fully from heart to sole.

I am already saving up the pennies to attend another Retreat with Sandra and am amazed that this weekend starts from an incredible £295 for 5 Star Accommodation, Food & Wellbeing.

I thank my lucky stars I found Sandra and I am sure you all will too. You can read more about Sandra and her Heart and Soul Wellness Retreat Weekends here at:


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